The CoreFitnessRoller is an innovative new fitness product, which is simultaneously versatile, portable and affordable. The CoreFitnessRoller increases strength, health, flexibility, and energy. It can be used by average exercisers or athletes in their prime. Combining the comfort of a foam roller with three different weight level resistance options, the CoreFitnessRoller provides unique, challenging and diverse exercise options. Small enough to be slung over the shoulder, the CoreFitnessRoller requires minimal space and takes only one minute for set up, in any location.

  • Improves strength, flexibility and most importantly your balance
  • Enhances yoga, Pilates and core strengthening workouts
  • Easily incorporated into existing fitness routines
  • Smooth pulling resistance and three weight levels allows you to switch your resistance quickly while targeting different areas
  • Weight capacity – max capacity 135kg on main roller